DMZ launched the production of the newest EP3D AC-EMUs
14 December 2016 y.

DMZ launched the production of the newest EP3D AC-EMUs

Demikhovsky Engineering Plant delivered four six-car AC-EMUs of EP3D class to Kazakhstan under the existing contract. 

Kazakhstan railways are the first to start operation of the new trains. 

EP3D EMU was designed in 2016. Its assemblies and elements are uniform with another recent DMZ development – EP2D DC-EMU. 

The train effectively combines state-of-the-art design, functionality, comfort, and operational economy. It complies with the most stringent requirements for safety of passenger transportation. 

Due to application of the most advanced technical solutions, operational costs are reduced. The train is equipped with the passive safety system (crash-system), a climate control system with the air disinfection function. A set of energy-saving equipment is used to save up to 20% energy; use of a powerful auxiliary static converter provides for significant reduction of noise and vibration level in passenger compartments. 

The train comprises Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 coaches. EMU is fitted with the system of wireless WiFi access to the local travel entertainment portal thus enabling passengers to go online. 

In EMU, conditions are provided for barrier-free traveling of handicapped passengers. There is an elevator to lift wheelchairs from a low platform, a toilet for use by people with disabilities, special places to fix the wheelchairs in compartments. 

The supply contract for EP3D AC-EMUs to Kazakhstan was signed in September this year.