11 January 2017 y.

Transholdleasing got VEB credit line to perform the Moscow Metro supply contract

JSC Transholdleasing signed a loan agreement with Vnesheconombank providing for a RUB 27.62 billion credit facility maturing on December 27, 2030. 

Funds were raised to perform the supply contract for 664 cars delivered to the Moscow Metro over 2014-2016. The rolling stock (Mod. 81-760/761 “Oka” trains) was manufactured at Metrowagonmash plant close to Moscow that is a part of JSC Transmashholding and the Holding’s Competence Center ‘Metro Car Building’. Under the contract, the manufacturer is to supply the car maintenance during the complete car life cycle, namely 30 years. 

The credit line opened by Vnesheconombank will enable Transholdleasing to fund in full the procurement and to grant a lease of cars produced by Metrowagonmash to the Moscow Metro. 

Due to major collaborative effort made by Vnesheconombank, Finance Ministry of Russia, Federal Treasury, Government of Moscow, Transmashholding and Transholdleasing, a new mechanism of state support for the real sector of the Russian economy was successfully applied using Sovereign Wealth Fund resources deposited in Vnesheconombank. Concurrently, the Moscow Metro obtained state-of-the-art innovative and comfortable trains to service Muscovites and visitors.