25 January 2017 y.

In 2016 Transmashholding Production System deployment effect amounted to RUB 140 million

Transmashholding has estimated the effect of Production System (TPSys) deployment in 2016 and viewed its effectiveness and results favorably. 

Deployment of a modern production system at Transamshholding sites enables them to improve company performance, quality of products, reduce time waste and improve production culture in general. 

Transmashholding commenced TPSys deployment at its sites in 2009, being a pioneer of the process among Russian railway manufacturers. 

At present TPSys is being deployed at twelve sites of the company. The material economic effect has been achieved due to integrated implementation of lean tools. In 2016 it was over RUB 140 million. Today 99% of the Holding’s staff successfully apply TPSys principles in their work. Almost all production areas at the largest TMH sites are covered with pilot areas where Production System is fully deployed. 

Production system deployment and development has brought Transmashholding sites, in terms of many parameters, to a level of European railway manufacturing leaders. 

TPSys is deployed at TMH sites under the Road Map, which combines the site strategy and development plan and is a basic document visualizing Transmashholding Production System in various aspects. At present Transmashholding is among the few Russian companies using the road map. One of the most tangible results of its implementation is considerable reduction of time required for obtaining an international IRIS certificate by all sites.