16 February 2017 y.

Transmashholding became the winner of the All-Russian Competition of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) in the “Import substitution” Nomination

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) summarized the results of the All-Russian competition “Leaders of the Russian Business: Dynamics and Responsibility - 2016”. JSC “Transmashholding” became a winner in the “Best Import Substitution Project” Nomination with the three projects at once. The news was announced by the Holding’s PR Department. 

During the competition, thee 2TE25KM diesel locomotive by Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ), which forms part of JSC “Transmashholding”, as well as the modern production plant for manufacturing motors and generators for passenger and freight locomotives situated at Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ) also being the member to “Transmashholding”, were presented. 

The 2TE25KM is a mainline freight two-section diesel locomotive with AC/DC electric transmission with by-axle traction force adjustment. The locomotive is characterized by the improved energy efficiency indicators providing for the life cycle cost reduction, as well as by the increased traction capabilities and advanced working conditions for locomotive and maintenance crews. 

The second project relates to production of electric traction motors for diesel locomotives. The implementation of innovative design solutions allowed for minimization of the Customer's costs during the life cycle of the products and the required reliability and safety in operation. 

The third project is focused on organizing the production of generators for diesel locomotives having the different sectional configuration, which is aimed at substitution of products manufactured by the Ukrainian machinery plants. The manufacturing of generators and motors shall satisfy the needs of all diesel locomotive-building plants entering JSC “Transmashholding” in the future. 

Prize awarding of the winners of the All-Russian competition “Leaders of the Russian Business: Dynamics and Responsibility - 2016” will take place within the frameworks of the “Russian Business Week” organized by the RUIE in March of the current year.