First Russian three-section mainline diesel locomotive built by  Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ)
21 February 2017 y.

First Russian three-section mainline diesel locomotive built by Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ)

The Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ) forming part of JSC “Transmashholding” completed the works on building the prototype of the first Russian three-section mainline diesel locomotive 3TE25K2M.  

Since the new diesel locomotive comprises both three- and two-section configuration (depending on the Customer’s requirements), the two-section version of the machine was created at the same time. 

The 3TE25K2M diesel locomotive has been designed especially for the operation at the Baikal-Amur Mainline, where it is planned to arrange the continuous circulation of the heavyweight train sets up to 7.100 tons along the route “Taksimo - Tynda - Novy Urgal - Komsomolsk - Sovetskaya Gavan” having the overall one-way extension of more than 2.800 km. 

The locomotive is based on the state-of-the-art technical solutions. The locomotive maintenance and servicing scheme (periodicity) was adapted to the supposed operation field. The units requiring the minimum maintenance in operation, particularly, the wheel-motor block equipped with the rolling bearings and microprocessor block-based control system were used. The AC electric motors were implemented for the locomotive auxiliary systems and the screw compressor unit. 

As propulsion unit, the design of the latest locomotive comprises the reliable diesel motor with the improved power characteristics providing for the optimized fuel and lubricants consumption. The diesel motor power of one section amounts to 3.100 kW. Both electric transmission and underframe (body and bogies) are based on the proven design and manufacturing technology from the previous models of locomotives. 

The locomotive design comprises the completely up-to-date and more reliable (as compared to the previous solutions) safety systems, CCTV, parameters registration and control systems, as well as the microprocessor-based control system with the improved consumer properties.