Metrovagonmash will be providing maintenance of the new metro cars “Oka” operated by the Moscow Metro   for next 27 years
28 March 2017 y.

Metrovagonmash will be providing maintenance of the new metro cars “Oka” operated by the Moscow Metro for next 27 years

Metrovagonmash (MVM, plant belonging to ZAO “Transmashholding”) and the Moscow Metro have signed a Life Cycle Contract providing the maintenance of metro cars type 81-760/761. 

MVM is committed to ensure the required level of availability of the trains by conducting the maintenance of 400 metro cars formed into 50 train sets of 8 cars each (including 2 head cars of 81-760 series and 6 intermediate cars of the 81-761 series in each train set). The availability rate stands for the number of trains available for the delivery to the Moscow Metro every day, which is 46 out of 50 trains. 

The contract is concluded for period up to 2043. It covers the trains built for the Moscow Metro in 2012 - 2014. 

The rolling stock will be serviced at "Izmailovo" and "Varshavskoye" depots. The cost of maintenance of the trains, according to the contract, accounted for 25 billion rubles. 

For the record, Metrovagonmash is currently implementing two Life Cycle Contracts. 920 metro cars of series 81-760 / 761 are already being serviced in the depots "Vykhino", "Izmaylovo", "Novogireevo", "Vladykino". The first maintenance contract with the Moscow Metro was signed in 2013. The first 248 metro cars of such series, based in Novogireevo depot, were then transferred to the producers’ maintenance system. The second contract was concluded in 2014. It ensures the maintenance of 392 metro cars produced in 2014 - 2015 and now based in the depot "Vladykino". 

Since the deployment of the company's maintenance system, Metrovagonmash has not once violated its obligations. 

The Moscow Metro has been operating the metro cars of series 81-760 / 761 since 2012. The passenger compartments are equipped with a ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems, a video surveillance system that provides the ability to transfer images to the maintenance center. The air disinfection system has been applied the design of new metro cars for the first time. The compartments are equipped with electronic route boards and liquid crystal screens. The design uses a modern asynchronous traction drive, microprocessor control system, newly designed bogies, providing a smooth and quiet run. The carbodyshells are made of stainless steel. 

In total, 1320 metro cars of series 81-760 / 761 were delivered to the Moscow Metro in the period from 2012 - 2016.