Metrovagonmash will produce additional 144 metro cars of series “Moscow”   for the Moscow Metro by the end of 2018
29 March 2017 y.

Metrovagonmash will produce additional 144 metro cars of series “Moscow” for the Moscow Metro by the end of 2018

Metrovagonmash (MVM, belonging to CJSC “Transmashholding”) and the Moscow Metro have signed a contract on the delivery of 144 metro cars type 81-765/766/767 “Moscow”.  

The total cost of the rolling stock accounted for 10.5 billion Roubles. According to the contacts terms, the delivery shall be completed by the end of 2018. 

The metro cars “Moscow” model 81-765/766/767 is a newest development of Transmashholding that is about to start the operation on Taganskaya-Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow Metro in the nearest futures. The train set will be composed of 8 cars. 

The “Moscow” series trains are distinguished with a range of innovative features: Wheels with low-stressed structure with acoustic absorber have been developed for the new generation trains. Their use allows reducing the level of external noise generated by the train in motion. The design is used to the new modern asynchronous traction drive that reduces the operating costs by 40%. The coupling device includes passive safety (crash system) elements. 

The cars have reliable, ecological and noise-thermal isolation. The design includes doors with electrical drive and the width increased up to 1400 mm (instead of 1250 mm in the metro cars of the previous model.) Sliding-plug doors prevent the possibility of passengers trapping In the passenger compartments, there are now by 30% more handrails with a special "warm" coating that increases the wear resistance. A new flooring design is developed on the basis of a composite cork panel with a lock that allows reducing the car's floor weight by 40%. 

Seats in the cars are foldable in order to free up additional space. There is space for bicycles and carriages allocated in the head cars. In the passenger compartments, there is air conditioning, ventilation, and air disinfection system. The air is distributed evenly over the whole train set including the gangways. Each passenger compartment has two monitors with the functions of interactive search for stations, routing, calculating travel time, and broadcast of TV channels. 

The modern video surveillance system now registers not only the person who addressed the driver, but also the situation around him. The compartments are lighted by LED lights that change the colour temperature, with cold light in the morning and warm closer to the evening. In the passenger compartments, USB-ports are installed for charging gadgets batteries. In the period from 2017 to 2020, a total of 912 new cars of the “Moscow” series will be delivered to the Moscow Metro.