30 March 2017 y.

The production of traction motors “DTK-417K” for diesel locos has been launched at NEVZ

The Novocherkassk Electric Locomotives Plant (NEVZ, part of ZAO Transmashholding) obtained the Certificate of Conformity of the Customs Union for the serial production of traction motors DTK-417K for the locomotives: 2TE25KM, TEM18DM, 3TE25K2M produced by the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant (BMZ, another site of Transmashholding) and launched their production. 

The NEVZ’s new product is designed to replace the motors that were previously purchased in Ukraine. The site has managed to carry out the industrialization of the traction motors in a rather short period of time (starting from April 2014). The design documentation for the traction motors has been developed for s total of four models. In order to organize the production process, NEVZ had to acquire new equipment and develop technological processes. The site has manufactured 17 types of non-standard and special jigs and tools for the assembly of traction motors and manufacturing of primary parts for their components. Thus, the site has designed and manufactured around 1000 types of jigs and tools. One of the features of DTK-417K motors is the use of a motor-axle suspension on rolling bearings. The choice of such bearings was due to the difficulties the sliding bearings represent in the operation and maintenance in terms of the durability and reliability of the diesel locomotive bogies. 

The production of traction motors is one of the most important aspects in the inter-sites cooperation development program that is being currently implemented by TMH. The goal of the project is to ensure the continuous production of the key component for the diesel locomotives production with higher reliability and competitive prices. The project is implemented within the program of imported components substitution and included in the list of priority investment projects of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. 

In 2017 NEVZ will produce more than 1000 DTK-417K motors.