Operation of Moskva class trains has been commenced in the capital metro system
14 April 2017 y.

Operation of Moskva class trains has been commenced in the capital metro system

On April 14, 2017, an official ceremony of putting into operation a new train of 81-765/766/767 Moskva class built at Metrovagonmash (MVM, belongs to Transmashholding Group) was held in Vykhino Depot of the Moscow Metro.

By late April, 6 8-car Moskva trains will enter Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Metro Line. 

Starting the train up was attended by Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, Head of Moscow Transport and Road Transport Development Department Maxin Liksutov, Transmashholding CEO Kirill Lipa, Metrovagonmash General Manager Boris Bogatyrev, Head of the Moscow Metro Dmitry Pegov. 

After the tour around the new train, S.Sobyanin thanked Metrovagonmash and Moscow Metro employees for building the train and awarded some distinguished personnel with letters of gratitude. 

Ceremony attendees made a train ride from Vykhino Metro station to Kitai-Gorod. 

The Moskva class train was built in 2016. It has reliable and ecological noise and thermal car isolation. The design includes doors with electrical drive and the door width increased up to 1400 mm (instead of 1250 mm in the metro cars of the previous model.) Sliding-plug doors prevent from accidental passenger jamming. There are now 30% more handrails in passenger compartments, they have special "warm" coating adding wear resistance. The new flooring design is developed on the basis of a composite cork panel with a lock that allows reducing the car floor weight by 40%. 

Space for bicycles and carriages is allocated in the head cars. There is air conditioning, ventilation, and air disinfection system in the passenger compartments. The air is distributed evenly over the whole train including the gangways. Each passenger compartment has two monitors with the function of interactive search for stations, routing, calculation of travel time and possibility to broadcast TV channels. 

A modern video surveillance system now registers not only the person who contacted a driver, but also the situation around him. Compartments are lighted by LED lighting fixtures that may change the colour temperature, with cold light in the morning and the warm one along toward evening. USB-ports for charging gadgets batteries are installed in compartments.

Over the 2017 to 2020 period, a total of 912 new Moskva class cars will be delivered to the Moscow Metro.