5 May 2017 y.

The first 2-years coach supply contracts were signed between TVZ and FPC

Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, part of JSC Transmashholding) signed the contracts with The Federal Passenger Company OJSC (FPC), the largest in Russia long-distance passenger carrier, for supply in 2017 and 2018 of single-deck and double-deck coaches to be hauled by locomotives. 

Under the contracts, the FPC is to receive in total 515 single-deck coaches (287 in 2017 and 228 in 2018), and 106 double-deck coaches (41 in 2017 and 65 in 2018) for a total amount of Rub. 29.5 bln. 

The contracts provide for a supply of all types of couches produced by TVZ except for double-deck seating coaches and special dining cars to accompany them. 

It became possible to sign these contracts due to governmental support: VAT zero rate introduced in 2016 for the period till 2030 in regard to long-distance passenger rail traffic. Such decision was made in order to promote the development of domestic rail car building; it allowed the FPC to accumulate the resources needed to acquire the rolling stock. 

The signed contracts constitute the first experience of TVZ in executing long-term contracts with the FPC, which is the largest operator of passenger coaches hauled by locomotives in Russia. The Holding is confident that signing such contracts will strengthen the relationship with the carrier and improve the work planning at the coach manufacturing plant.