17 May 2017 y.

Commercial diesel-locomotives of BMZ production are adapted to wheelsets with axle-suspended motor bearings

Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, part of JSC Transmashholding) launched installation of wheels-and-motors units with axle-suspended motor bearings on all commercial diesel locomotives. 

The new stage in diesel locomotive engineering at BMZ began with mainline 2TE25KM No. 208 and shunting TEM18DEM No.1070 locomotives. 

The wheels-and-motors unit with axle-suspended motor bearings KMB1 is the plant’s brand new development with the improved performance as compared with previous solutions. The use of this unit on locomotives gives a number of advantages. Maintenance costs are significantly lower, labour intensity during the maintenance is reduced while the cost effectiveness of the locomotive improved. The rolling bearings are simple to attend to and enduring. 

At the customer’s option, BMZ already installed such wheels-and-motors units on five TEM18DM locomotives before, as well as on the new TEM19 and TEM33 locomotives, on TEM28 prototypes and the most recent product - 3TE25K2M. 

The new component with improved performance has proved itself to be positive on all diesel locomotive models. Now, all commercial diesel locomotives will be equipped with wheels-and-motors units with axle-suspended motor bearings. 

KMB1 has the unified design and can be used both on shunting and mainline diesel locomotives. 

“So far, experts of the engineering center have introduced all necessary amendments to the documentation on the further installation and subsequent operation of KMB1 on commercial 2TE25KM and TEM18DM diesel locomotives”, as Alexey Trofimov, Deputy Chief design Engineer for diesel locomotives put it.