18 May 2017 y.

In 2017 DMZ will build for CPPK 13 eleven-car EP2D EMUs

OAO Centralnaya PPK, PAO GTLK and OAO Demikhovsky Machine Building Factory (DMZ, belongs to JSC Transmashholding Group) have entered into the trilateral agreement on delivery of new DC EP2D EMUs in 2017. 

The contract terms and conditions stipulate that GTLK shall purchase EMUs from DMZ for their further leasing out to OAO Centralnaya PPK for a period of 15 years with the option of buy them out at a residual value. Under the above agreement till the end of the year in total the fleet of OAO Centralnaya PPK will be enlarged by 13 eleven-car EP2D EMUs (143 cars in total). 

At present OAO Centralnaya PPK operates 14 EP2D train sets produced by DMZ. The trains of this model operate both at express lines and routes with frequent stops. 

Early August 2016 EP2D was successfully tested and granted the CTR certificate of the Customs Union, being a guaranty of high-level passenger comfort and safety. The train is equipped with HVAC systems, ecologically friendly toilet units, video surveillance and video registration systems, there is access to Wi-Fi network and it is also fitted with special areas for people with limited mobility and transportation of bicycles. Safety of passengers is ensured by shutoff solenoid valves, crash systems, electro-pneumatic brakes and other advanced technological solutions.