2ES5 electric locomotives ran one million kilometres
17 June 2017 y.

2ES5 electric locomotives ran one million kilometres

The total mileage of five 2ES5 “Skif” mainline freight e-locos produced by Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ - forms part of JSC “Transmashholding”) exceeded the 1,000,000 km mark. 

The locomotives demonstrate the outstanding economic efficiency and conformity to the established reliability indicators during operation. The intrinsic availability factor (the key e-loco reliability indicator) amounted to 0.99 in 2017. 

The 2ES5 two-section e-loco demonstrates the capacity of hauling the 6300 t heavy-weight freight trains (normally, for such kind of trains, the three-section locomotives are used) in operating domains having the complex railtrack profile. The use of the modern recuperative braking system on these locomotives allows for significant increase of their energy efficiency.  

2ES5 is a main line freight AC electric locomotive equipped with the asynchronous traction motors. The loco was designed by “TRTrans” Engineering Centre, which had been established by “Transmashholding” in cooperation with its strategic partner - French company “Alstom”. 

The loco design implements integrated technical, ergonomic and environmental solutions, allowing for several-fold maintenance reduction, as well as for increasing the runs between overhauls and saving the energy. 

The locomotives feature the contact-free driver controller, driver’s brake valve and auxiliary remotely-operated direct-acting brake valve and oil-free compressor units. E-locos are equipped with the integral locomotive safety system, i.e. Safe Locomotive Integrated Complex (BLOK). The locos feature tireless solid wheels. 

The drivers of 2ES5 machines mention the comfortable positioning of instruments within the driver’s cab, perfect visibility, noise insulation, comfortable chairs and air conditioning. The essentially new for the freight e-locos is the use of control system operating on a radio channel for boosting of the train during rises, possibility for video monitoring of the state of equipment out of the driver’s cab, visualization of the complete set of information on the display with provision of recommendations concerning the procedure and operating limitations. 

According to Grigory Yermolenko, driver of the “Timashevskaya” Operating Depot, “...the particular feature of 2ES5 consists in the control system available allowing for not only manual freight train driving mode, but for automatic train operation, as well. One of the main advantages of the locomotive consists in using the asynchronous traction motors allowing for smooth increase of traction power”.  

Oleg Kononenko, the driver-instructor adds: “The 2ES5 e-locos during operation have demonstrated their positive characteristics. They are powerful, state-of-the-art, comfortable, operation- and control-friendly ones. The driver is able to exercise control over absolutely everything in the loco without leaving the cabin. For operation of a 2ES5 there’s no practical need for an assistant, as his actions have been brought to the minimum. The locomotives are equipped with the newest modern safety and monitoring systems. The multiple operations have been provided for the loco”. 

The 2ES5 freight main line locomotives have been transferred to OJSC “RZD” in 2015 and starting from March, 2016 they are operated in the “Timashevsk-Kavkazskiy” of the North-Caucasus Railway.