14 July 2017 y.

Two diesel engines of Penzadieselmash sent to Guinea

Penzadieselmash (PDM is part of JSC “Transmashholding”) has shipped two diesel generators model 1 PDG4A to the Republic of Guinea.

The shipment of diesel engines to Africa will be carried out from the port in Saint Petersburg, where they will be delivered on flat wagons. 

The site established long-standing and close cooperation with Guinea back in 1974, when Penzadieselmash delivered there more than 30 diesel engines. 

The current delivery contract was signed in late June 2017. 

The new diesel-generators 1PDG4A will be installed on the shunting diesel locomotives TEM2 to replace the depreciated diesel engines model PD1M. 

In comparison with its predecessors, the diesel generators 1PDG4A ensure significantly higher technical and economic indicators in operation. The difference between them and the previous models is that the fuel and oil consumption has been reduced by 6%, and the life span of the diesel generators has increased by 30%.  

The diesel engine 1PDG4A is well adapted to operate in any climatic conditions.