OEVRZ has delivered the first Metro cars to the Petersburg Metro within 2016 contract execution
4 August 2017 y.

OEVRZ has delivered the first Metro cars to the Petersburg Metro within 2016 contract execution

Oktyabrsky electric railway car repair plant (OEVRZ, Saint-Petersburg, belongs to Transmashholding Group) delivered 6 Yubeleyny metro cars of 81-722/723/724 model.

This is the first delivery under the contract concluded with GUP Petersburg Metro in September 2016. Based on its terms and conditions, in 2017-2018 the customer will be delivered in total 27 six-car trains (15 and 12 trains in 2017 and 2018, respectively). The next delivery will be performed by the end of August. 

81-722/723/724 Yubileyny metros, which are being built by OEVRZ for Saint-Petersburg, have been produced since 2014. Their design applies advanced technical solutions ensuring for comfortable travelling and safe rolling stock operation. 

For comfortable passengers’ travelling designers have included the ventilation system providing for even distribution of the air stream in passenger compartments owing to the structure of air collectors and ventilation grids.  

Materials ensuring for improved wear resistance and complete removal of pollutants, unauthorized inscriptions and advertising are used for compartment interiors. Passenger seats are also vandal-proof. 

Asynchronous traction drives providing for up to 30% energy saving as compared to the previous models in operation are applied. To improve safety, cars are fitted with appliances located outside the end wall preventing from passengers falling down the track. 

An electronic destination indicator is placed in head cars. 

The cabin is designed for maximum driver’s comfort, it is equipped with an air conditioner and vibration-absorbing chair. Advanced control desks are fitted with terminals having colour touch screen displays. 

Production of new metros was successfully deployed by the site in 2010 and since then more than 200 cars of various models have been delivered to the Petersburg Metro.