18 August 2017 y.

Bezhitsa Steel Foundry received a patent for the utility model of a freight bogie solebar

The Federal Service for Intellectual Property issued a patent on the utility model ‘Solebar of a freight bogie’ to the Bezhitsa Steel Foundry (part of JSC Transmashholding). The utility model of a freight bogie solebar with 23.5 t axle load was developed by design engineers and experts of the Bezhitsa Steel Foundry. 

Using the new utility model, it is now possible to design the solebar with enhanced operational reliability as compared with the series-produced product. This is achieved by redistribution of stresses, improving stability of the frame side-walls, and fatigue strength enhancement.

The operational reliability of the solebar was improved by changing the shape of some internal elements and using additional ribs with V-cuts in the design. Due to these transformations, the stress level in the included angle of the pedestal jaw opening grew lower. 

The use of the new technical solution makes the area of the pedestal jaw opening more durable, provides for enhanced resistance to cracks formation in the inner and outer radius of pedestal jaw opening, and improves the solebar reliability thus extending its service life. 

The test results of the solebar with new technical solutions demonstrated that the fatigue safety factor is no less than 2.0.