18 October 2017 y.

Transmashholding is ready to deploy future-oriented technologies when creating new urban rolling stock

Currently, JSC Transmashholding possesses competencies required to deploy the most advanced technologies still under development when designing progressive rail vehicle prototypes. This was stated by Andrey Vasiliev, Transmashholding Commercial Director for the Development of Urban Transport when speaking at the International Innovative Forum of Public Transport Smart Transport 2017. 

According to A.Vasiliev, the preconditions are created to introduce innovations like a system informing passengers on the occupancy of each car in each train at stations and through mobile devices; train geolocation systems adapted for various electronic devices of users allowing to visualize the train location on the city map; CCTV systems for car entrance areas and platforms with a people recognition function, and numerous other latest engineering solutions. 

In his opinion, in the years ahead the best engineering and design solutions should be introduced into everyday practice thus making traveling by urban rail transport even safer and more comfortable for passengers. 

“We have mastered necessary technologies and built up one of the most advanced industrial complexes, and we are ready to offer new innovative product to the consumers”, as A.Vasiliev put it in conclusion.