16 October 2017 y.

Developing new EMUs Transmashholding implements new approaches

Being the largest Russian designer and manufacturer of electric multiple units, Transmashholding pays much attention to specific operation conditions of the manufactured products and attempts to offer each customer the very product capable to demonstrate maximum efficiency in the given conditions, Transmashholding Commercial Director for Development of Passenger Transport Alexander Loshmanov reported during his presentation at the round table conference of SmartTRANSPORT 2017 International Innovative Forum of Public Transport. 

Train operating areas are studied with care: volume of passenger traffic and its nature, including review of some need for special mount for bicycles or additional space for transportation of bulky baggage. Based on review results, the Holding offers trains of various configurations and compartment layout. 

A. Loshmanov told about the deployed concept of short EMUs: 2/3-car trains were made for routes with the low passenger traffic and sections significantly impacted by seasonal factors. If necessary, they can be combined (electric trains are able to operate as multiple units), quickly increasing (or v.v. decreasing) the number of seats. 

All EMUs currently produced by Trasmashholding apply advanced technical solutions aimed at enhancement of passenger comfort and safety. Efficient HVAC, passenger information systems, safety complex including crash modules at head cars and in automatic coupling systems between coaches, audio and visual signaling about door closing, video surveillance systems, fire alarm and fire extinguishing facilities are applied in urban and suburban EMU design. 

A.Loshmanov noted that new interior design solutions and compartment layout were elaborated with the help of leading European design companies based on passenger flow volume and landing and unloading conditions on routes. 

As per Transmasholding’s representative, the EMUs recently introduced into production and being under development have a wide range of competitive advantages. Due to varieties of their modifications and high level of localization, economic attractiveness of the rolling stock for customers is ensured. In comparable conditions maintenance and repairs of company trains is much cheaper than similar services of competitors. As a result, for a customer the owning cost of modern EP2Ds and EG2Tv’s turns to be by average 20-50% lower than offers of other manufacturers.