26 December 2017 y.

"TMH-Argentina" takes over the management of Mechita railway depot

The Transmashholding’s daughter company operating in the Republic of Argentina - "TMH-Argentina" decided to take control over a railway depot situated in the capital's province of Buenos Aires. It was the Mechita depot selected located near Bragado town. 

TMH-Argentina signed a contract on temporary use of the depot (three-year period) with Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura (ADIF), an entity subordinating to the Argentina's Ministry of Transport. The Mechita depot was founded in 1904. Before 1950, the settlement near the depot counted about 5 thou. inhabitants including one thousand railwaymen. From that time, the scope of activities has been gradually decreasing. Starting from 2011, the depot was not operated anymore and used for the purposes of parking the rolling stock, which had been withdrawn from operation. 

The plans of TMH-Argentina embrace the transformation of Mechita into an engineering centre serving a base for implementation of the projects in the area of the rolling stock repairs and refurbishment. Nowadays the depot employs specialists carrying out assessment of the scope for commencing the engineering centre's operations. 

It is expected to invest about 3 million USD into the given project.