25 December 2017 y.

Penzadieselmash finalizes successful tests of modernized turbocharger ТК32-11

JSC Penzadieselmash (PDM, forms part of JSC Transmashholding) has successfully completed the type tests of ТК32-11 turbocharger. 

The ТК32-11 turbocharger is meant for 18-9DG diesel generators which are installed on 2ТE25КМ freight mainline diesel locomotives.  

The modernization of the turbocharger consists in applying a cathode ray method of welding and a new design of bearings. The specialists of the All-Russian Institute Of Aviation Materials (FSUE “VIAM”) in cooperation with the designers of JSC Penzadieselmash have developed a technology of assembly and welding of rotor shafts of turbochargers with the use of cathode ray approach and modern automated equipment. Halfshafts made of steel and a disk of high-strength and heat-resistant nickel-base alloy are exposed to welding. The tests consisted in the weld strength examination of the samples. The results of the tests on test benches as a part of a turbocharger have demonstrated a high weld strength, while the type tests of the turbocharger have confirmed the reasonability of incorporating this technology in the production. The new feature will make it possible to increase the quality and the reliability of the rotor and of the turbocharger in general. 

The new design of the bearings for the turbochargers of the 32-nd series is carried out with the use of bushings, on the inner surface of which there situate construction wedges. Unlike the standard cylinder bushings, the wedges change the way of lubricant flow and reduce the vortex forces, which helps to suppress the self-oscillations of the rotor in the inner clearance and thus to increase the reliability of the unit’s operation. The new design bushings can also be implemented for the modernization of the turbochargers of the 32-nd series that are already in operation. 

Based on the positive results of the welded shaft and new bearings there will be made some changes to the design documentation of the turbochargers of the 32-nd series. The implementation of the new features is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.