Demikhovo Engineering Plant concludes a contract for delivery of   EP3D EMUs in 2018
18 January 2018 y.

Demikhovo Engineering Plant concludes a contract for delivery of EP3D EMUs in 2018

Demikhovo Engineering Plant (DMZ, forms part of JSC Transmashholding) has concluded a contract for the delivery of EP3D AC electric multiple units for JSC Russian Railways. The signed contract provides for the delivery of 22 EMUs. 

In 2018 Russian Railways’ fleet will be expanded by four-car EP3D EMUs. The EMUs will be operated on North Caucasus (Rostov depot) and Privolzhskaya (Volgograd depot) railways. 

EP3D is a new electric multiple unit manufactured by DMZ for suburban service. The train meets all the requirements for passenger transportation safety defined in the Customs Union Technical Regulation of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. 

Previously DMZ manufactured EP3D EMUs for the export to Kazakhstan Republic. From 2016 the four six-car multiple units assigned to Karaganda depot have been successfully operated on the routes that connect the Kazakh capital Astana with other major cities. 

The EMU is characterized by a modern car exterior (smooth body, new front end). It is equipped with passive safety systems (crash system), microclimate system with air disinfection function, information support and ecologically friendly toilet facilities. The most advanced technical solutions are applied in the train so that the trip could be safe and comfortable for all passengers including people with special needs. The energy-saving set used in the design makes it possible to economically spend electricity. The EP3D is unified with EP2D DC electric multiple unit in terms of the main assemblies and systems. 

The shipment of the first batch of the new EMUs to the railways of Russia is scheduled for February 2018.