Transmashholding is going to invest into development of Kolomensky zavod  over 15 billion  rubles

Transmashholding is going to invest into development of Kolomensky zavod over 15 billion rubles

OAO "Kolomensky zavod" (KZ, is a part of ZAO Transmashholding) has started to implement its long-term plan for enterprise's technical development. Overall amount of the investment program, to be executed from 2018 to 2022, makes 15.5 billion rubles. 

The Investment program is designed to improve the quality of the manufactured product and its competitiveness, to lower production costs, to develop high priority products, such as the new-generation diesel engines D300, D500, designed at the enterprise as part of the Federal Target Program. 

In order to organise serial production of the new engines at Kolomensky zavod, modernisation and large-scale retrofitting will take place at the plant. In the implementation of the program it was planned to reconstruct several diesel manufacturing shops, engineering centre, to create the test site for diesel engines, to buy and install about 200 units of modern high-tech equipment for metal processing, to renovate the fleet of lifting equipment, to introduce power-saving technologies at the power complex. 

In 2018 the investment worth 2.5 billion rubles will be used for shops reconstruction: diesel locomotive mechanical shop No.3, mechanical shops No. 2 and 3, fuel injection shop, assembly shop, also for reconstruction of engineering centre, purchase of modern equipment for the treatment of camshafts and crankshafts, fuel injection equipment, cylinder-piston group components. Investment will peak in 2019 and will constitute 5.7 billion rubles. 

Implementation of this technical development plan at Kolomensky zavod will allow the enterprise to retrofit the facilities and to switch over to modern technologies and to completely new production level. Kolomensky zavod has to become a Competence centre for diesel production and to take a leading position at the diesel markets for railway transport, special purpose products, distributed power generation and to ensure product competitiveness towards foreign counterparts. 

CEO of OAO "Kolomensky zavod" Evgeniy Vozhakin noted: «At the end of 2017, based on the comprehensive analysis of our facilities, we prepared and presented to the holding company ZAO "Transmashholding" the plan of technical development for Kolomensky zavod ". Holding executive team approved this plan and expressed confidence that the team of Kolomensky zavod, being so hugely experienced, will meet the proposed challenge.