4 April 2018 y.

Transmashholding signs locomotive supply and maintenance contract with Russian Railways

JSC Transmashholding concluded through its official sales agent for locomotives, JSC Roslokomotiv, two contracts with the Russian Railways (RZD) for the supply of mainline locomotives with the obligation to ensure service maintenance thereof. 

Principles of manufacturer sole responsibility for locomotives’ technical condition, manufactured by the Company by RZD order, during entire service life have been applied, for the first time, over cooperation between Transmashholding and the largest consumer of the holding's products. This practice is extended to all series manufactured. 

The first contract provides for supply of 222 electric locomotives produced by Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant and Kolomna plant. In terms of service obligations the contract will remain in force until December 31, 2046, thus, the service period under the contract will be 28 years. 34 passenger electric locomotives (30 EP2K and 4 EP1M) are expected to be delivered to RZD, as well as 188 “Donchak” and “Ermak” freight electric locomotives having the different sectional configuration (242 2ES5 sections, 132 3ES5K sections, 40 4ES5K sections, 39 3ES4K sections). 

The second contract provides for delivery of 105 mainline diesel locomotives manufactured by Bryansk Machine-Building Plant and Kolomna plant, including 97 2TE25KM mainline two-section diesel locomotive and 8 TEP70BS mainline passenger diesel locomotives. The contract stipulates that their service maintenance will be carried out until the end of 2036. 

Transmashholding has already implemented maintenance programs for individual innovative rolling stock series. Service maintenance of EP20 Dual-Voltage Passenger locomotives is currently being carried out under the agreements with the Russian Railways (the contract provides for maintenance for the entire equipment service life) and of EG2Tv "Ivolga" electric multiple units, which are operated by OAO Tsentralnaya PPK since 2017. In addition, 81-760/761 "Oka" metro trains had been delivered in 2012-2017 to the Moscow Metro under the terms of the life-cycle contract, and currently 81-765/81-766/81-767 series “Moskva” are being delivered. 

Transmashholding working practice under the contracts providing for original service maintenance shows that operator’s costs under such cooperation are reduced, while also increasing availability of the fleet.