6 April 2018 y.

Transmashholding sales increased by 29% in 2017

Transmashholding revenue on sales of goods and services grew by 29 percent in 2017, thus reaching the value of 155,270 million roubles compared to 120,369 million a year earlier. 
In 2017, passenger cars sales volumes have significantly been increased, including sales of compartment cars by 126 percent (from 19 to 43 cars) and non-compartment by 220 percent (from 115 to 368). 

The company also delivered to its customer 45 baggage and mail railway cars in 2017 versus 10 in 2016. 

Sales growth rate in the field of multiple unit trains show a good increase as well, thus, significantly grew metro cars sales: by 46%, from 271 up to 397 cars. 

The Company has not only been selling new cars, but has also been carrying out complete overhauling of that kind of rolling stock for the customers’ benefit, so that 252 cars were repaired in 2017, showing a growth of 165% as compared to 2016 (95 cars). 

The amount of EMU cars sold increased by 14 percent and amounted to 297 units against 259. The supplies of electric trains of direct current EP2D increased by 145 percent as well (297 units versus 121). 

The sales of shunting diesel locomotives grew up to 21 percent in 2017 (from 107 to 130 locomotives). The amount of diesel engines sold for diesel locomotives increased by 52 percent (143 engines versus 94). 

Transmashholding also introduced a number of innovative equipment prototypes over 2017: the three-section mainline diesel locomotive 3TE25K2M was first built in Russia; the production of DTK-417K traction motors for diesel locomotives has been launched. Moskva class trains have been put into regular operation since last year, and 717-series upgraded metro trains were put into operation in Budapest. Since last April, “Ivolga” urban EMU was put into operation on route Moscow-Novoperedelkino.