11 May 2018 y.

The President of Argentina and President of Transmashholding Inaugurated Modernized Rolling Stock Workshop in Province of Buenos Aires

The President of Argentina Mauricio Macri formally inaugurated a historic rolling stock workshop at Mechita, Bragado in Buenos Aires province, modernized and retooled by TMH-Argentina, a subsidiary of Transmashholding in Argentine Republic.

Governor of the province of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal, Minister of Transport Guillermo Dietrich, and President of Transmashholding Andrey Bokarev, accompanied President Macri throughout the ceremony.

Bokarev confirmed the previously declared plan to invest a total of €170M in the country as major state tenders on modernization of Argentinian railroad system become available.

Over 400 guests attended the ceremony, including federal, regional, and municipal government officials, railroad business representatives, workshop employees, and citizen of Mechita.

The Mechita rolling stock workshop is over one hundred years old. It was founded in 1904 to maintain the trains running between Chivilcoy and Bragado. The Argentine railroad crisis forced the workshop to limit operations and eventually shut down in 2011 to become a warehouse for unused cars and locomotives.

Per conditions of the contract signed on December 20, 2017, the Ministry of Transport of Argentinian Republic conceded possession of the Mechita workshop to TMH-Argentina for 3 years. TMH-Argentina hired engineers and technicians previously employed in the workshop before its closedown.