3 October 2018 y.

Transmashholding and Vostok to create blockchain-based data analysis system for tracking and forecasting locomotives’ condition

Transmashholding (TMH) has announced its partnership with blockchain developer Vostok to enable verification and distributed storage for the locomotive fleet data collection and analysis system.

This system will store and verify data collected from more than two hundred sensors built into each monitored locomotive. Vostok’s blockchain platform will be integrated with SmartMaintenance - a bespoke solution created by Clover Group for TMH. SmartMaintenance performs intelligent diagnostics and forecasting to optimize the technical condition of locomotive equipment.

Kirill Lipa, General Director of Transmashholding, explained the problem. “Low-quality data can cause exponential damage to locomotives by making it difficult to understand how and when to take pre-emptive and corrective actions,” he said. “This has a knock-on effect on the efficiency of the entire locomotive complex. New technology provides necessary solutions to these problems. As the largest supplier of locomotives for Russian railways, TMH makes every effort to ensure safety and reliability in operation.”

The solutions implemented by Clover Group and Vostok on TMH’s behalf are integral to this commitment. By deploying blockchain technology, Vostok will ensure that data collected is done so both transparently and immutably - providing greater protection from unauthorized changes and possible losses. Its implementation will increase the speed at which incoming data is checked, reduce resources required to detect anomalies, and ultimately improve the quality of predictive analytics.

The trial operation of the new system is expected to commence as early as 2018. The industrial operation, which covers all vehicles held by Transmashholding and Locomotive Technology (“LocoTec”), will begin before the end of 2019.

Sasha Ivanov, founder and CEO of Vostok said: “The transport industry is a key pillar of any country’s socio-economic system - especially the one as large as Russia. The task of digital developers in the sector is to create a basic working tool for the implementation of relevant projects - one ready for use here and now, without long and costly development. Vostok project solutions offer just such a tool.”

Denis Kasimov, general director of Clover Group, further added that: “Big data analysis is the basis of competitiveness in the digital society of the future. Today, companies from a variety of sectors are beginning to collect raw data. However, not all have learned to extract value and useful information from them for business use and for restructuring business processes. It is vital that the collected data is immutable and accessible, and the distributed storage is ensured.”

The agreement was reached as a result of negotiations held at the International Transport and Logistics Forum “PRO // Movement.1520” in Sochi.