29 January 2019 y.

New class “2ES5S” electric locomotive completed its 5000 km test run

A freight electric locomotive class “2ES5S” manufactured by Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (“NEVZ”, a part of Transmashholding) has successfully completed its 5000 km test run at Railway Research Institute (“VNIIZhT”) in Scherbinka.

During the run, the locomotive confirmed its full compliance with technical requirements. The latter included verification of the traction system characteristics at speeds of 0 to 120 km\h carrying a rake weighing 6900 tons. The test returned positive results.

Currently, the machine is being prepared for the certification trials, after which it will leave for East-Siberian Railroad, Taishet-Taksimo stretch to undergo operational trials. Its hauling capabilities, overall reliability, as well as working conditions of the crew, will be tested in real life conditions with a rake of 6500 tons.

The eight-axis freight electric locomotive with asynchronous traction class “2ES5S” is a new iteration of class “2ES5”, developed by Transmashholding together with its technological partner and shareholder Alstom. The machine boasts an autopilot, encrypted radio communication, and preemptive self-diagnostics with registry logging. The implemented technical solutions ensure maximum power output and efficiency, optimal hauling cost, and a lifecycle increase of 18%.

Compared to “2ES5”, “2ES5S” carries a number of upgraded components: a traction inverter, an auxiliary drive, traction motors, a traction transformer with compressor equipment, bogies, and control system components. The amount of Russian-made components in the locomotive amounts to 85%.

Transmashholding is the only manufacturer in Russia to produce the full line of tractive rolling stock electric and diesel locomotives of varying power, configuration, type of current, and purpose.