22 November 2018 y.

Transmashholding shipped two “3ES5K” electric locomotives to Uzbekistan Railways

Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (part of Transmashholding) shipped two electric locomotives with by-axis traction to Uzbekistan Railways. 

The contract of sale for the three-unit Ermaks for Uzbekistan was signed in the middle of 2018.

The main advantages of the “3ES5K” locomotives with by-axis traction are tolerance to volatile landscapes (such as the ones typical of Uzbekistan Railways), higher weight norms for freight hauling, and improved performance. The independent excitation of traction motors in traction mode, on speeds of 0 to 50 km\h, provides added resistance to slippage. Such locomotives are widely used by Russian Railroads in Siberia and Far East with extra-heavy loads. As of November 21, 2018 NEVZ has produced a total of 897 “3ES5K” machines. 

Currently, Uzbekistan Railways’s locomotive fleet operates VL60K and VL80S produced by NEVZ in the 1980s. In the post-Soviet years, shipments of NEVZ products to Uzbekistan ceased. In 2007-2012, TMH built for Uzbekistan 10 passenger diesel locomotives “TEP70BS” at the Kolomna plant. 

Transmashholding is the only rolling stock manufacturer in Russia to offer a full line of electric and diesel locomotives of various power output, configuration, voltage, and purpose.