11 February 2019 y.

Ekaterinburg Metro ordered new metro carriages from TMH

Transmashholding’s plant in Mytishi will manufacture eight new “81-717.6/714.6” carriages for the Yekaterinburg Metro.
The CEO of Metrowagonmash (part of Transmashholding) Boris Bogatyrev and the CEO of the Yekaterinburg Metro Andrei Panaiotidi signed the contract of sale.

Per its conditions, the four head and four intermediate carriages will be shipped in 35 days after the signing day. 

The new carriages will be compatible with the rest of Ekaterinburg’s metro fleet (it consists of “81-717/714” variations). The cabin and interiors will utilize fireproof and fire resistant materials. All carriages will comply with most recent fire, electricity, and environmental safety requirements.

“81-717.6/714.6” cars have an updated railway safety system, doorways with open-close signaling, slider mechanisms with an automatic opening in case of obstacles (“antipinch guard”), and forced ceiling air circulation. The heard cars will be equipped to accommodate passengers with accessibility requirements. All trains will have video surveillance converging to the driver’s control monitor.

Every head car will fit in up to 308 passengers with seats available for 39 of them. Intermediate cars will fit in up to 330 passengers with seats available for 48 of them. The top speed will be 90 km\h.

The Yekaterinburg Metro is one of the youngest in Russia; it opened its doors in 1991. Metrowagonmash cooperates with Ekaterinburg’s subway since 2011 having shipped eight 81-“717.5М/81-714.5М” cars.