28 February 2019 y.

Transmashholding tests new single-floor sleeper coaches

Tver Carriage Works (part of TMH) is conducting tests of new sleeper coaches – the first ones in Russia designed to operate in pairs.

The new concept provides for a full model line of single-floor coaches: first class, sleeper, seating, and staff.

Mass production of the new coaches will dramatically change the face of railway long-distance travel, significantly improving on quality of service and convenience. Factory pairing of coaches allows for a more flexible interior planning, optimized ergonomics and prudent distribution of space. Thanks to new interior solutions, trains will improve on functionality of existing zones as well as receive new ones.

Air-sealed gangway connections will help control the interior climate and significantly reduce the noise. Sleeping quarters will have personal climate control features as well as ability to open windows – the ones inside the quarters and the ones in the shared corridor. The quarters will have personal safes with electronic locks.

For the first time, mass-produced passenger coaches will have shower cabins and service zones with display windows that can fit vending machines, coffee points, or water purifiers.

The new rolling stock will demonstrate better energy and operation efficiency.

Sleeper coaches are the first in the new model line built at Tver Carriage Works. Before launched into mass production, they will undergo a full list of trials, including moving tests – dynamic, breaking, structural, and stationary – breaking, climate, sanitary-hygienic. The trials are held with the participation from Tver Coach Institute, Russian Railway Hygiene Research Institute, Railway Vehicle and Track Interaction Testing Center – at the plant as well in specialized centers of Russian Railways.

The production of new models of single-floor and double-deck coaches continues as part of the contract between TMH and Federal Passenger Company until 2025. In seven years, 3730 coaches will be shipped to the customer. First batches are scheduled for delivery in the current year.