6 June 2019 y.

TMH, Russian Railways and RUSNANO sign agreement on development of hybrid locomotives

TMH, Russian Railways and RUSNANO have signed a trilateral agreement on creating environmentally friendly shunting locomotives. The project is centered on using hybrid drive with lithium-ion batteries for operation in close proximities to passenger stations in big cities. The signed document provides for supplying up to 131 locomotives to Russian Railways within 6 years after the first vehicle acceptance. 

The agreement was signed by TMH CEO Kirill Lipa, Russian Railways CEO and Board Chairman Oleg Belozerov, and RUSNANO MC (RUSNANO Management Company) Board Chairman Anatoly Chubais. 

Battery-based locomotives are usually designed for depots in close proximity to big cities. Their main application is operation in passenger stations and in resort areas that are most environmentally vulnerable. Compared to traditional diesel locomotives, hybrids demonstrate significant reduction of emissions and noise, and allow for lowering the impact of the fleet on the environment. The hybrid drive technology will help operators significantly cut expenses on the scale of a machine’s life cycle.  

TMH will develop and manufacture locos, while RUSNANO subsidiary LIOTECH is to supply lithium-ion traction batteries.  

Many advanced manufacturers in Europe, Japan, China and other countries have been developing and implementing shunting locos with hybrid drive and lithium-ion batteries. This is a new evolving practice. The locomotives created by TMH and RUSNANO Group will be the first serial vehicles of this type in Russia. Hybrid locos is a multidimensional and sophisticated project that implies development, production, certification, verification of characteristics and further service maintenance within its life cycle. This includes disposal of locomotives and batteries upon service life expiration. 

TMH has rich experience in developing and manufacturing innovative rolling stock, which will help building environmentally friendly, quiet, and energy-efficient shunting locos. Novosibirsk plant LIOTECH is the only Russian industrial manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries. The batteries produced by the company are used in e-buses and trolleybuses with autonomous run, electric loaders and mining e-locos. 

Mr. Kirill Lipa, CEO of TMH: “Living up to global modern trends, TMH is ready to create innovative rolling stock that will not only significantly reduce air emissions, but will also cut consumption of energy resources and will increase economic efficiency. We are sure that an advanced shunting locomotive with local hybrid drive on lithium-ion batteries will be sought after by our partners”. 

RUSNANO MC Board Chairman, Anatoly Chubais: “A large order for hybrid locos on behalf of RUSSIAN RAILWAYS will allow LIOTECH and TMH to develop and manufacture the first series of pilot vehicles that are in demand on the Russian market. As estimated, the Russian shunting locos fleet operated by RUSSIAN RAILWAYS and industrial enterprises, amounts to about 18.000 vehicles. In case of switch to the hybrid technology, RUSNANO estimates the lithium-ion batteries market for locos at 8 bn RUB per year”.