19 June 2019 y.

TMH presented new train concept for St. Petersburg metro

As part of the SmartTRANSPORT-2019 forum in St. Petersburg, TMH presented its new train design for the metro of St. Petersburg.
The head car mock-up of the perspective train was put on display at the forum grounds. Visitors could take a closer look at it as well as take advantage of VR glasses. 

With the active involvement of the Petersburg metro experts, TMH elaborated a number of technical solutions for its new product, which have not been yet used in the city’s subway before. In particular, a new “smart” window capable of broadcasting videos and images on its glass surface.

Distinctive exterior and interior design features were implemented. The car is designed without any niches and projections; it has a streamlined dynamic form. LED elements will be located on the outer surface, and the luminous metro emblem will be located on the windshield. Colour palette used for exterior and interior decoration will depend on the line where the train is operated. To reduce the passenger boarding and deboarding time, the doorways will be widened (up to 1400 or 1600 mm).

If required by the metro administration, interiors can be fitted with USB sockets, Wi-Fi modules, and three types of displays: interactive metro map, crawl line displays above the doors, screens for on-board entertainment and information. Accessibility options are included for handicapped people and parents with baby carriages. New ventilation systems and illumination with colour temperature changing during the day (cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon) will be used.

The new trains provide colour indication for doors opening and closing, and instead of mirrors the driver will use side-view cameras.

Train drivers were involved in the cabin design process. Thanks to their feedback, it was possible to develop a more ergonomic control desk as compared to previous models. The cabin will also be equipped with air conditioning, a set of systems providing for noise reduction, and a modern system to monitor the driver’s health. 

In the future, maintenance staff will be more involved in train design to better incorporate their recommendations on arrangement of components and equipment. 

The train will be fitted with a contemporary asynchronous traction drive and its energy performance will be better than of preceding models. A novel system will be installed on the train to transmit train condition data to a situation centre using a dedicated channel. There will be a technical possibility to shift the new train to driverless operation mode.

TMH is engaged in design of an advanced train, taking into account experience gained in modern rolling stock operation under real conditions of the St. Petersburg metro. The project may be modified with consideration for suggestions and requirements of the City Government and the metro administration.

It is expected that if the contract with the St. Petersburg metro is signed, the trains will be manufactured at Oktyabrsky Electric Railway Car Repair Plant located in the city.