25 June 2019 y.

BalTransServis started operation of ten new locomotives made by TMH

LLC BaltTransServis (BTS, part of the Globaltrans group) put into operation the first of ten new 2TE25KM locomotives manufactured by TMH production plant in Bryansk. New locomotives will join BTS fleet under traction rolling stock renovation program.

The diesel locomotive was launched into service in BaltTransServis depot in Velikie Luki (Pskov region) on July 25. The launch ceremony was attended by Kirill Prokofiev, general director of BaltTransServis, and  Andrey Vlasenko, general director of BMZ.  Series 2TE25KM-0442 locomotive set off for its first work shift on the route Velikie Luki – Novoyaroslavskaya-Luzhskaya at 11:50 a.m. Moscow time.

Before that, 2TE25KM locomotives were not operated as a part of BaltTransServis fleet. The purchase thereof will enable the company to improve the operating procedure and start hauling heavy trains rated up to 6 tons. 

“2TE25KM are state-of-the-art diesel locomotives with a high reliability factor,” said Kirill Alekseenko, technical director of BaltTransServis. “Vehicles purchased by the company differ from production locomotives by improved traction characteristics and specific equipment; these features are important for successful negotiation of challenges facing our company. Operation of diesel locomotives of this series will make it possible to use the railway train-handling capacity more efficiently, and to upgrade the service level of BaltTransServis.

Under the contract, BMZ has to manufacture and supply ten 2TE25KM d-locomotives to BaltTransServis in 2019. They will be forwarded to the company’s regional representative office in Velikie Luki. 

2TE25KM is a mainline freight two-section diesel locomotive with AC/DC electric transmission. Such locomotives are extensively used not only throughout Russian Railways network, but in fleets of private companies as well, e.g. JSC SUEK and Shubarkol Komir in Kazakhstan. 2TE25KM d-locomotives are in demand among major Russian and foreign transport operators and industrial facilities due to high technical and economic performance.
2TE25KM are equipped with a microprocessor-based control that enables maximum possible traction effort. Operating experience has shown that using these locomotives increases the weight of hauled trains by 30% due to a higher engine load ratio and increased weight on driving axles. Through the use of 2TE25KM, the mean weight of trains can be increased up to 6.4 tons, infrastructure operation efficiency grows and cargo delivery time goes down.
2TE25KM diesel locomotives comply with most stringent environmental requirements. The locomotive design is distinguished by the availability of basic components, which reduces the cost of repair and maintenance.

An important feature of new d-locos is a comfortable working environment for the locomotive crew: A spacious driver’s cab is equipped with air conditioning system, heater, refrigerator, and microwave oven.

LLC BaltTransServis is one of the largest private operators focusing on rail transportation of oil in Russia and CIS countries (part of Globaltrans group). As of the end of 2018, the company managed 13.1 thousand rolling stock vehicles and 60 mainline diesel locomotives. In 2018, the cargo traffic volume was 22 million tons of petroleum products.

TMH (Transmashholding) is the largest in Russia rail rolling stock and urban rail vehicle manufacturer. The company ranks among the world largest rolling stock manufacturers. Transmashholding is the core of the group that produces modern integrated transport product, which includes the rolling stock design and manufacture; its maintenance, repair and refurbishment; digital technologies for production and operation; motion control systems.

TMH provides safe and comfortable environment for passengers, develops efficient and profitable cargo transportation system. The company’s market penetration strategy is based on the Russian experience and technologies that are applied to develop national transport engineering in foreign countries.