26 June 2019 y.

TMH started early supplies of car assembly sets to Kazakhstan

The TMH plant in Tver shipped 25 Model 61-4447 car assembly sets to Tulpar-Talgo in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Under the contract signed on June 11, TMH was to manufacture and to deliver 63 assembly sets for couchette cars. The intention was that the plant would ship the first batch of 25 car assembly sets to Kazakhstan in July, but TMH coped with the task ahead of schedule. 

Rail cars produced over the years by TMH are successfully operated on Kazakhstan railways. Over the past decade alone, 137 passenger coaches of various models were delivered to Kazakhstan railways. 

Under the current contract, TMH for the first time ever supplies car assembly sets to Kazakhstan, and Tulpar-Talgo will perform the final assembly. 38 more car assembly sets will be shipped to the customer before the end of the year.