New TMH Locomotives Start Operation in Russia
20 January 2020 y.

New TMH Locomotives Start Operation in Russia

An official ceremony at a locomotive depot in Komsomolsk-on-Amur marked the launch of three new Class 3TE25K2M 3-section mainline freight diesel locomotives, made at TMH Bryansk Plant.

Kirill Lipa, General Director of TMH, took part in the event.

The first batch of new locomotives, arrived in the depot, amounts to 12 units.

Class 3TE25K2M mainline freight diesel locomotive is a new product by TMH. Its first prototype was assembled in 2017, and its test trials were completed in October 2019.

Class 3TE25K2M is a diesel locomotive with an AC\DC electric drive and a bi-axis power control. It was designed for heavyweight freight operations in harsh conditions of East-Siberian and Far East Railroads. Its design responds to features of the perspective operation area, including temperature drops, the volatile landscape, and the specific infrastructure.

This machine is the most powerful in the 1520 gauge zone. Its nominal power measured at the diesel engine as three sections amounts to 9300 kWt or 12 648 hp. The engine has a power reserve for low temperature and high altitude operations, and carries a microprocessor control system.
Its design incorporates innovative equipment and components to maximize the technical and economic efficiency. It has increased adhesive weight, service intervals, and carrying capacities of fuel and sand. Two-, three-, and four-section configurations are available.

The locomotive supports driving of freight trains of up to 7100 ton. It is expected that East-Siberian Railway and Far-East Railway will increase their train-handling capacity by 20% on the stretch between Taksimo traction coupling point and the Sovetskaya Gavan Sortirovochnaya port terminals. 

To service 3TE25K2M, a center of warranty service and technical support has been created in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The staff, involved in the operation of the new machinery, had already took training.