27 January 2020 y.

TMH will manufacture 10 EP2D EMUs for CPPK

TMH Plant in Demikhovo (“DMZ”) will ship 10 EP2D electric trains to Central Exurban Passenger Company (“CPPK”).

The contract provides for 10 new 11-car trains to be shipped to the customer between February and May 2020.

EP2D is a DC electric train that combines modern look, performance, and high level of comfort. It complies with the toughest standards for passenger transportation safety.

These vehicles feature two- and six-seat berths of rugged materials, handrails in the entrance areas, bike racks, and a climate control system with air purification.

For passengers with wheelchairs, the head cars carry folding ramps and wheelchair fixtures; all information plaques have Braille script lettering.

Central Exurban Passenger Company orders EP2D trains since 2016. Its fleet now has 85 11-car EP2D. These EMUs service Kievskoe, Rizhskoe, and Kurskoe lines of the Moscow Railway. Last year, the company bought 27 of these trains.