TMH to Provide Post-Warranty Maintenance of DP-S DMUs in Serbia
20 March 2020 y.

TMH to Provide Post-Warranty Maintenance of DP-S DMUs in Serbia

TMH will provide post-warranty maintenance of DP-S diesel trains that were manufactured at TMH Mytishi Plant and shipped to Serbia in 2011-2016.

The contract was signed for 2 years. Representatives of TMH will conduct diagnostics and maintenance working with the customer in Serbia. 

The contract will ensure timely maintenance and high availability of the DP-S fleet in its out-of-warranty period. 

The DP-S diesel train was developed after TMH Mytishiwon an international tender by a local transit authority Serbia Poezd. The rolling stock is designed for non-electrified rail with 1435 gauge. These DMUs can service rail lines with low or no platforms. Today, DP-S operate as regional transportation.

DP-S consist of two head sections, or of fourif operated as a multiple. Their design speed is 120 km\h, and the seat count for a two-car version is 120. Out of the standard set of two, the bathroom car has a zone for baby strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, and luggage beneath the entrance. The cars feature HVAC, audio and visual announcement, video surveillance, and fire extinguishing systems. End walls of each car carry LED message displays. Driver’s rooms have separate HVAC systems and DMU Safety Control Panels. Movement controlsand running parameters are located on the Driver’s Control Panel. 

DP-S feature contemporary two-axis motorized and non-motorized bogies with two-stage swing suspension. The paint of the cars has anti-graffiti qualities, allowing forremoval of drawings and inscriptions. 

Between 2011 and 2016, 39 DMUs were shipped to Serbia Poezd. TMH organized staff training, procurement of spare parts and equipment, warranty maintenance with consulting, delegatingownstaff to the depotswhen needed. The maintenance of DP-S is conducted in six Serbian depots: Zrenjanin, Sombor, Ruma, Vrshats, Lapovo, Zaechar.

The rolling stock produced by TMH amounts to 30% of the entire rail passenger fleet of Serbia.