Milestone «Ermaks» Handed Over to Russian Railroads
7 February 2020 y.

Milestone «Ermaks» Handed Over to Russian Railroads

During a commemorative ceremony at TMH Novocherkassk Plant, a 1000th 3ES5K electric locomotive and a 500th 2ES5K electric locomotive were handed over to representatives of Russian Railroads.

In an opening speech, Kirill Lipa, CEO of TMH, reminded that “Ermaks” are the most produced freight electric locomotives in Russia. They play a key role in heavyweight freight transit in the Russian East significantly contributing to the development of the Advanced Economic Growth Zone. 
Oleg Valinsky, Deputy General Director - Head of the Traction Directorate of Russian Railways, congratulated everyone who worked on the series, stressing that their work resulted in powerful and reliable machines. 

Denis Pak, head of the department of automotive and heavy industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, pointed out that TMH Novocherkassk Plant with its product line is a symbol of the renaissance of Russian heavy industry, and one of the best electric locomotive competence centers in the country.

The first 2ES5K was produced in 2004. Its factory QA tests were finished in April 2005, and in August of the same year it received a recognition from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The head of the state personally drove this“Ermak”for 6 kilometers during the railroad trade show in Scherbinka. 

The locomotive was developed in a record-breaking time, observing the requirements of the strategic customer Russian Railways and utilizing the best engineering solutions available for collector-type electric locomotives.The engineers managed to significantly improve its safety of operations, working conditions of the crews, power consumption, and adhesive weight utilization.It boasts better technical, economic, and end-user performance, especially compared to the phased out VL80. In the later years, the machine wasadditionallyequipped with a bi-axis traction control system. 

Since its launch, the factory significantly widened the model line of “Ermaks”. There are three-sectioned 3ES5K, which for the first time in Russia used a booster section, one-sectioned E5K, and the pride of the factory, one of the most powerful locomotives in the world, four-sectioned 4ES5K.
Today, over 1550 “Ermaks” (over 4000 sections) are in operation. These locomotives service Zabaikalskaya, Krasnoyarskaya, Vostochno-Sibirskaya, Oktyabrskaya, Dalnevostochnaya, Uzhno-Uralskaya, and Gorkovskaya Railways making the core of the fleet of 12 locomotive depots. These locomotives also service railways of Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Their total mileage adds up to 1520 mln kilometers. “Ermaks” virtually circled the Earth by equator almost 38000 times.

The milestone locomotives were devoted to the celebration of the Great Victory.During the World War II, employees of Parovozstroy did everything they could to bring the victory forward. 600 factory workers were conscripted, family names of 229 of them were embedded into the Fallen Steam Locomotive Builders Memorial. 3ES5K №1000 will carry a commemorative writing – “75 years since the Victory”.