2 April 2020 y.

TMH And Its Factories Entered the ‘List of Systemically Important Enterprises’ of Russia

TMH and its subsidiaries were included in the extended ‘List of Systemically Important Companies’ maintained by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The extended List was approved by the minutes of the hearings of the Government Committee for Development of the Economy of the Russian Federation №3 held on March 20, 2020.

TMH and its plants in Kolomna, Tver, and Novocherkassk are mentioned separately. However, the document states that for each holding-like enterprise, such as TMH, a single mention means inclusion of all its subsidiaries.

This means the government acknowledges the scale TMH and its subsidiaries contribute to the growth of the country’s economy as a recognized employer and taxpayer.

By the edict of the Government of the Russian Federation, relevant ministries advanced their proposals to extend the ‘List of Systemically Important Enterprises’, which previously had approximately 200 companies. Now the List includes 650 largest enterprises of ‘real economy’ of the country. A consolidated report of their financial standing and level of employment will be regularly presented to the Government of Russia.