26 March 2020 y.

In 2020 TMH will manufacture 15 4ES5K electric locomotives for Russian Railways

The first 4ES5K freight AC electric locomotive in 2020, made by TMH Novocherkassk Plant, was shipped to Smolyaninovo Depot of the Far Eastern Railway.

In 2020, Russian Railways will receive 15 of these machines, 15 two-section Ermaks, and 121 3ES5K.

4ES5K is the most powerful locomotive in the world. It consists of two tail sections and two intermediate booster sections that provide enough traction to haul extra heavy or extra long rakes on flat track profiles or extra heavy rakes in mountainous areas. They operate in volatile regions of Russian Railways’ network, characterized by steep gradients up to 30% and horseshoe curves up to 200 meters

4ES5K boasts a by-axis traction control for maximum balance of power between the axes and the maximum traction coefficient, which allows for heavier hauls. The microprocessor control system has advanced self-diagnostic capabilities and can transmit diagnostic data to maintenance depots or the manufacturing plant for faster maintenance turnaround.

TMH manufactures four-section Ermaks since 2015. Since then, 22 of these locomotives were manufactured, with a total mileage of 5 million kilometers.

Ermak is the most produced modern Russian locomotive. Today, over 4 000 sections are in operation. Beside Russia, these machines service railroads of Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

TMH is the only manufacturer in Russia to offer a full lineup of tractive rolling stock, including electric and diesel locomotives of various power, configuration, voltage, and purpose.