13 February 2020 y.

TMH increased its revenue by 27%in 2019

In 2019, TMH increased its Sales of Goods and Services by 26.8%. According to management accounting, the total amounted to 286 billion rubles against 225.6 billion rubles in the previous year.

In the course of the year, the company restarted manufacturing of rail buses. The industrial project of the new DMU took off in short order, and by the end of the year the customer already received 56 cars.

A total of all EMU cars shipped by TMH in 2019 increased by 1.5 times, from 394 to 622 units. The company started shipments of the newest IvolgaEMUs for Moscow Central Diameters, aimed at increasing the comfort of commuters of the capital. A 100% Russian project, Ivolga is on par or exceeds the technical level of its international competition. A new model Ivolga 2.0,specifically for MCD, was developed in 2019.

Shipments of metro carriages show a positive dynamic with an increase of 6.8% (692 against 648) in sales. Most of the shipped units are cutting-edge Moskva 2019trains. 

Sales of diesel engines showed a significant increase of 18.7% (330 against 278).

The numbers of shipped locomotives increased as well: the Mainline Diesel Locomotives Segment grew by 30% (216 to 281 sections), the Shunting Locomotives grew by 67.9% (245 against 146 sections), the Mainline Freight Electric Locomotives grew by 7.5% (514 against 478 sections), and Industrial Electric Locomotives tripled with 15 units shipped against 4 in the previous year. The sales of double-deck passenger coaches more than doubled from 65 to 154 units.

The main novelties of the year, aside RA-3 and new Ivolga, were the new passenger coaches shipped as factory couples and 3ES5S AC electric locomotive with Russian-made asynchronous drives. Additionally, TMH introduced its perspective hybrid-drive shunting locomotive with built-in predictive analytics.