15 April 2020 y.

TMH Developed a Noise-ReducingSolution for Air Conditioning Systems

TMH developed and tested a new system that reduces the noise emitted by air conditioning arrangements. It will be installed on the upcoming metro carriages, locomotives, EMUs, and other rolling stock.

The new system is formed by a set ofproprietary assemblies located in the airducts of a vehicle. While forming an unobstructed flow of air, they block acoustic radiation produced by the HVAC fans. 

During the tests, noise levels were measured with specializedcontrol equipment. They showed that the loudness of the air conditioning inside a vehicle was reduced by 10 dBA (10 times lower noise pressure level) in comparison to a version of the tested vehicle without the solution onboard.

The innovation is a result of joint research and development efforts by TMH Engineering and Andreyev Acoustics Institute, a leading Russian research facility dedicated to the study of acoustics.

The system will increase passenger comfort and help mitigate acoustic strain for locomotive crews. It does not require a separate certification and will be certified as part of the rolling stock that carries it.