Metrovagonmash is celebrating its 120 years

On 17 May, 2017, OJSC “Metrovagonmash” (part of JSC “Transmashholding”) is celebrating its 120th anniversary.  

18 May 2017 y.
In 2017 DMZ will build for CPPK 13 eleven-car EP2D EMUs

OAO Centralnaya PPK, PAO GTLK and OAO Demikhovsky Machine Building Factory (DMZ, belongs to JSC Transmashholding Group) have entered into the trilateral agreement on delivery of new DC EP2D EMUs in 2017.

18 May 2017 y.
Commercial diesel-locomotives of BMZ production are adapted to wheelsets with axle-suspended motor bearings

Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ, part of JSC Transmashholding) launched installation of wheels-and-motors units with axle-suspended motor bearings on all commercial diesel locomotives.

17 May 2017 y.
The first 2-years coach supply contracts were signed between TVZ and FPC

Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, part of JSC Transmashholding) signed the contracts with The Federal Passenger Company OJSC (FPC), the largest in Russia long-distance passenger carrier, for supply in 2017 and 2018 of single-deck and double-deck coaches to be hauled by locomotives.

5 May 2017 y.
Two-hundredth 2TE25KM diesel locomotive has been built at BMZ

Bryansk Machine-building Plant (BMZ, belongs to Transmashholding Group) has delivered the two-hundredth 2TE25KM mainline freight diesel locomotive to the Russian Railways.

4 May 2017 y.
Transmashholding has completed the certification of all serial products in order to comply with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Transmashholding has completed the certification of all serial products in order to comply with the Technical Regulations’ requirements of the Customs Union "On the Safety of Railway Rolling Stock" (TR TS 001/2011).

27 April 2017 y.
Operation of Moskva class trains has been commenced in the capital metro system

On April 14, 2017, an official ceremony of putting into operation a new train of 81-765/766/767 Moskva class built at Metrovagonmash (MVM, belongs to Transmashholding Group) was held in Vykhino Depot of the Moscow Metro.

14 April 2017 y.
Transmashholding boosted sales in 2016

According to the 2016 results, Transmashholding has increased their sales proceeds by 22 per cent as compared with 2015 and up to Rub. 120 billion.

6 April 2017 y.
The production of traction motors “DTK-417K” for diesel locos has been launched at NEVZ

The Novocherkassk Electric Locomotives Plant (NEVZ, part of ZAO Transmashholding) obtained the Certificate of Conformity of the Customs Union for the serial production of traction motors DTK-417K for the locomotives: 2TE25KM, TEM18DM, 3TE25K2M produced by the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant (BMZ, another site of Transmashholding) and launched their production.

30 March 2017 y.
Metrovagonmash will produce additional 144 metro cars of series “Moscow” for the Moscow Metro by the end of 2018

Metrovagonmash (MVM, belonging to CJSC “Transmashholding”) and the Moscow Metro have signed a contract on the delivery of 144 metro cars type 81-765/766/767 “Moscow”.

29 March 2017 y.
Metrovagonmash will be providing maintenance of the new metro cars “Oka” operated by the Moscow Metro for next 27 years

Moscow, 28 March 2017 Metrovagonmash (MVM, plant belonging to ZAO “Transmashholding”) and the Moscow Metro have signed a Life Cycle Contract providing the maintenance of metro cars type 81-760/761.

28 March 2017 y.
The Budapest Metro started to operate the metro cars modernized by Metrovagonmash

An official ceremony of commissioning of the first metro train series 81-717.2Ê / 714.2Ê modernized by Metrovagonmash (MVM, located in ZAO Transmashholding) took place in Budapest.

24 March 2017 y.
First Russian three-section mainline diesel locomotive built by Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ)

The Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ) forming part of JSC “Transmashholding” completed the works on building the prototype of the first Russian three-section mainline diesel locomotive 3TE25K2M.

21 February 2017 y.
Transmashholding became the winner of the All-Russian Competition of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) in the “Import substitution” Nomination

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) summarized the results of the All-Russian competition “Leaders of the Russian Business: Dynamics and Responsibility - 2016”. JSC “Transmashholding” became a winner in the “Best Import Substitution Project” Nomination with the three projects at once.

16 February 2017 y.
Expert RA assigned Transmashholding the rating of A++

RAEX Rating Agency (Expert RA) again assigned Transmashholding Company creditworthiness rating A++, with the stable outlook.

8 February 2017 y.
Transmashholding will offer three-year listed bonds for RUB 10 billion at 9.95% per annum

On January 31, 2017 JSC Transmashholding, the largest railway stock and diesel engine manufacturer in Russia, built the book for offering of the PBO-01 listed bonds of RUB 10 billion nominal value. The set coupon rate is 9.95% per annum.

The listed bonds maturity period is 3 years. Coupon period duration is 182 days. The nominal value per one bond is RUB 1,000.

The high creditworthiness of the company, confirmed late 2016 by international Fitch credit rating of “BB-/Stable” and by the highest national creditworthiness rating of À++ also assigned by Expert RA in 2016, allowed driving considerable volume of demand by a wide range of investors.

The original expected first coupon rate was set between10.45-10.65% per annum, thus, corresponding to yield-to-maturity of 10.72-10.93%. The book within the original band was over-subscribed within 45 minutes after issue opening. Further on, in the course of book building the interest rate band was revised downwards twice up to 10.00-10.20% (yield-to-maturity being 10.25-10.46%) and finally it was set at the final level of 9.95%.

As a result, 68 investors registered for subscription and overall demand for Transmashholding bonds amounted to about RUB 40 billion.

VTB Capital, Gazprombank and Renaissance Capital are organizers for the bond issue. VTB Capital is a placement agent.

The issue will be offered on February 7, 2017 at Moscow Stock Exchange.

At present Transmashholding has no bonds outstanding, the last bond issue was paid off in 2014.

1 February 2017 y.
Bezhitsa Steel Foundry obtained the conformity certificate for new solebars

Bezhitsa Steel Foundry (BSZ) obtained the conformity certificate from the Federal Budgetary Organization "Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport" for its new product – freight wagon solebars.

27 January 2017 y.
In 2016 Transmashholding Production System deployment effect amounted to RUB 140 million

Transmashholding has estimated the effect of Production System (TPSys) deployment in 2016 and viewed its effectiveness and results favorably.

25 January 2017 y.
First EP20 locomotives have passed a one-million milestone

EP20 Olympus electric locomotives ¹25 and ¹29 (registered at home depot Moskwa-Sortirovochnaya), produced by Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Building Plant (NEVZ, belongs to Transmashholding Group) have passed a significant milestone: the mileage of each of them has exceeded 1 million km. 

20 January 2017 y.
Transholdleasing got VEB credit line to perform the Moscow Metro supply contract

JSC Transholdleasing signed a loan agreement with Vnesheconombank providing for a RUB 27.62 billion credit facility maturing on December 27, 2030.

11 January 2017 y.

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