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MVS-type car-to-car high-voltage connections
The inter-car high-voltage connection is designed to provide railway cars with 4,000 V direct current electric power and 3,600 V 50 Hz alternating current electric power. The connection connects two adjacent cars, or a car and a locomotive. The HCC comprises: high-voltage socket, plug with cable, idle receiver and cable bracket. The HCC parts are available separately and as a set.

SShM-type car-to-car plug connections
The connection is designed for connecting and disconnecting electric feed circuits of passenger cars of up to 150 V. The connection, comprising a plug and a socket, connects two adjacent cars.

ShU-5A plug extension
TS 3456-007-11118762-98
The extension is designed to power portable electric appliances inside and outside railway rolling stock.

The extension consists of a plug and a wire.