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Ivolga will change your mind about public transportation. Smooth, quiet, spacious, and climate-controlled, it will make your rides comfortable and convenient. This is a world-class urban train, made in Russia ground-up. Ivolga was designed by Russian engineers using cutting-edge technology. Assembled at a Russian plant with Russian parts and components; Ivolga is an example of passenger-oriented approach. Made in Russia for Russia. 


In Ivolga’s spacious interiors, every detail plays to your comfort: cozy seats and handrails, wide passages and no-anteroom zoning, bicycle racks and wheelchair braces, climate control and modern bathrooms, free WI-FI and power outlets for your gadgets. 


Contemporary engineering solutions, implemented in Ivolga, provide for safety of passengers and the environment. Smooth movement, modular construction, automated guidance and control systems guarantee dependability of the train. The clean air in the coach is insured by a system of filters. All interior trim parts are made of environmentally-friendly materials. 

Ivolga’s design is a unity of aesthetics and function. It represents the world’s perspective on modern urban transportation. Every detail of the interior serves the needs of passengers, making it convenient and ergonomic. Ivolga’s exterior reflects the elements of urban ecosystems and transportation infrastructures. 

Climate control with anti-bacterial treatment 
Improved smoothness of ride 
Advanced intercom and surveillance 
Bicycle racks and wheelchair braces 
Crash-modules on front and rear cars 
Asynchronous traction motors
Real-time technical condition monitoring