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The coach provides high level of comfort for to VIP passenger and accompanying party during long-haul journeys to any destination.

The coach consists of lounge, office compartment with toilet room for VIP passenger, assistant compartment, guest compartment, kitchen, guard compartment, service compartment, toilet, boiler room, corridors and vestibules.

Lounge is equipped with a table with chairs, a sofa and corner drawer. There is air conditioner with remote control, audio and video system with plasma panel. Light frames, window sills, pedestal table, doors are finished with rich wood. Vestibule, located close to lounge is equipped as smoking room.

VIP passenger compartment consists of ample office-bedroom and toilet room. Office-bedroom is equipped with a sofa, which can be transformed into a double bed, wardrobe, desk and chair, and lounge chair. There is air conditioner with remote control. Light frame, window sill, pedestal table, door are finished with rich wood. There is a fitted carpet on the floor. Toilet room is equipped with a walk-in shower, washstand with a touch-sensitive mixer, and vacuum toilet of Ecotol-Vac type. There is a floor with heating, covered with ceramic granite tiles. Walls are fitted with waterproof plastic. Plumbing equipment operates on car pressurized hot and cold water system.

Assistant compartment is equipped with a sleeping sofa berth, desk, and wardrobe. There is an air conditioner with remote control. Guest compartment is designated for guests and accompanying persons.

Kitchen is equipped with all the necessary staff for cooking and storage of food for coach passengers and their guests.

Coaches are produced in cooperation with NPP Circon-Service LLC.

All business coach compartments can be reequipped in accordance with Customer’s requests

Lounge is equipped with:

  • chair;
  • conference table;
  • chairs (9 pcs.);
  • mirror;
  • sofa;
  • telephone shelf;
  • folding table;
  • emergency exit;
  • guard call-button;
  • wall cabinet for audio and video equipment;
  • autonomous air conditioning system.

VIP passenger compartment is equipped with:

  • desk;
  • swivel chair;
  • lounge chair;
  • bed;
  • wardrobe with shelves;
  • safe-deposit;
  • guard call-button;
  • table-lamp;
  • wall bracket lamp;
  • autonomous air conditioning system.

Assistant compartment is equipped with:

  • sofa, shelf and window-table;
  • chair;
  • table-lamp;
  • wardrobe;
  • shelf for documents;
  • autonomous air conditioning system.

Service area corridor:

  • serial coach equipment;
  • light-size washing machine is installed instead of boiler, and ironing board is installed on the side wall.

Kitchen-compartment is equipped with:

  • 4-gas-range gas stove with flame control;
  • Gas balloon with a capacity of 50 l;
  • microwave;
  • two refrigerators;
  • washer with siphon and discharge of wastes into the undercar tank;
  • mechanical exhaust system of ventilation;
  • butcher block;
  • buffet trolley;
  • dresser;
  • plate rack;
  • trash container.

Toilet room is equipped with:
  • walk-in shower;
  • wash-basin with washstand;
  • mirror with a shelf;
  • eco-friendly toilet.