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Upper class coach that provides high level of comfort to VIP passenger and accompanying party during long-haul journeys to any destination.

The coach is totally self-contained and does not require topping up for at least 10 days.

Equipment and facilities

The coach consists of VIP compartment, lounge bar, two enhanced comfort compartments for accompanying party, service compartment and guard’s compartment. Number of beds: up to 6.

Lounge bar has all necessary equipment for leisure and catering of the passengers. The cabin is fitted with audio/video equipment. Upon customers request the coach can be equipped with satellite communication system and satellite TV receiver.

VIP compartment consists of spacious bedroom, office and bathroom. The compartment provides all the comfort of high-class hotel, including large bed, wardrobe, desk and chair. Passenger can control climate according to individual needs. Adjacent room is equipped as bathroom with shower booth, eco-friendly toilet, washstand with sensor faucet and heated floor.

Two deluxe passenger compartments for accompanying party are equipped with large sofa-bed, wardrobe, convertible table and audio/video system. Each compartment has individual bathroom equipped with washstand, shower booth and vacuum lavatory.

Interior solutions and equipment of coach are tailored according to customer needs.

Coach special equipment

Pressurized hot and cold water system with multistage water purification. Water capacity - at least 1200 liters.

Eco-friendly toilets with sewage tanks

Dual heating system – heating agent is heated by means of tubular electric heaters or liquid fuel burner

Forced ventilation system with internal recirculation circuit, replaceable air purification and disinfection filters and incoming air heating option.

Split air conditioning system with two external blocks, internal blocks with individual climate control, pre-cooling and air humidity reduction circuit are installed in each compartment

Combined energy supply system (undercar generator and diesel-generator) supplies power at any operating mode or during long-term stops. The system is equipped with special type of transformer designed for connection to external power source. On-board power system - direct current of 110 V supplied by storage battery and alternating current of 220 V is supplied by static converters with total capacity up to 20 kW. Energy utilities are provided with functional redundancy system.

Coaches are manufactured in cooperation with NPP Circon-Service LLC