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RIC sleeping car for OJSC RZhD is designed for international communication within the International Union of Railways (UIC) (track gauge 1,435 mm) and in the European part of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and countries of Baltic states (track gauge 1,520 mm).

Transition between networks of railways with different track gauge is performed by replacing bogies using track gauge changing systems with the available infrastructure facilities (for example, in Brest).

The maximum operating speed is 200 km/h at the 1,435 mm guage and 160 km/h at the 1,520 guage.

For operating in various countries, cars meet obligatory requirements of the Russian Federation standards (GOST, NB ZhT) and European Community (TSI, EN, UIC) regarding technical design, as well as external and inner styling design.

Each sleeping car has 8 sleeping compartments with 4 berths, one service compartment, one guard’s accommodation, one standard toilet and one toilet with a built-in shower. At the end of the car, near the service compartment there is an entrance door from each side of the car. 

The doors to the neighboring car are from both side ends. Auxiliary elements located at entrance doors (steps and handles) make it easy to get into the car from platforms, 550 or, respectively, 760 mm high, with the track gauge being 1,435 mm, as well as from platforms 200 or 1,100 mm high with the track guage being 1,520 mm. The lateral passage is closed with sliding doors to the entrance zone or vestibule at the other side of the car.

There is another sliding door between the zone of sleeping compartments and toilets in the side passage. Each sleeping compartment is equipped with 4 berths, which in the day time can be used as 4 fully-featured seats with headrests. Under the window, there is a folding table in combination with a sink with cold and hot water and a trash container. 

The space under both low berths is designed to be used as a luggage rack. In each sleeping compartment there are 2 sockets to charge mobile phones and laptops, shelves to keep small items, a lamp for reading for each sleeping place, hooks for clothes and regulating devices for the air-conditioner and compartment sound system.

Compartment doors are swing ones and open outside into the side passage. 

In the service compartment, there is one seat and a table for the conductor. Along with various cabinets for dishes, tea and medications, in the service compartment, there are a refrigerator, microwave, drinking water cooler with a replaceable tank for drinking water, electrical kettle and kitchen sink with cold and hot water supply. 

The electrical cabinet with control system elements for the coach equipment and diagnostics are located from the side of the service compartment bordering with the vestibule.

Between the service and the sleeping compartment there is a guards’ accommodation equipped with the berth with the function of a seat and various cabinets and shelves for storage.

Toilets are equipped with the closed-type toilet vacuum system. There is also a sink with cold and hot water supply and a mirror.

The shower in the toilet is equipped with a fixed shower head and is activated by a button switch with time regulation.