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The six-axle DC electrical diesel locomotive is designed to perform freight, shunting and light main-line operations on railway tracks of JSC “RZhD” and industrial enterprises in regions I2, II4…II12 as to GOST 16350-80 with moderate climate at the ambient air temperature range of 313 K to 233 K (from +40oC to –50oC).

Unlike the TEM18M diesel locomotive the TEM18DM is equipped with:
  • 1-PD4D diesel engine;
  • electric brake;
  • KLUB-U complex locomotive safety system;
  • TSKBM telemetry driver vigilance system;
  • KL-7500M.02 ergonomic seats;
  • Climate-control system responsible for air-condotioning and heatin for cabin;
  • micro processing control system.