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Two-car rail bus RA-Ch was developed by CJSC Metrowagonmash under the order of CD (Czech railways) in 2003. It successfully passed tests in 2003-2004 and at the present moment is under preliminary operation.

Rail bus RA-Ch is a train set, which consists of two head cars, connected with each other. Control system provides joint operation of up to three rail buses.

Each car of the rail bus is equipped with PowerPack MTU (Germany), which consists of diesel engine MTU, hydraulic transmission VOITH with hydrodecelerator, which are installed in one module together with generator, air compressor, cooling system, air conditioner compressor, and muffler. Power pack and service systems are installed under the floor of the car.

In order to increase safety each car is equipped with automatic fire detection and extinguishing system.

Rail bus car body is all-metal, stainless steel, with insulation against heat and cold. Vestibules are equipped with sliding plug doors with individual control (via buttons). Adjustable foot rest allows passenger loading from low platforms. For passenger passage end walls of the car are equipped with hermetic gangways with reinforced heat and sound insulation.

Carbody rests on two two-axle bogies, one of which is active. Increased smoothness of movement is achieved by pneumatic bolster suspension. Braking system uses DAKO pneumatic equipment and SabWabco brake block. Rail bus is equipped with antiskid system and rib lubrication device. Backlash-free coupling systems are installed between the cars, and Sharfenberg automatic coupling is installed on the body end of the head cars.

Interior trim is in compliance with modern requirements to aesthetics, fire and sanitary and hygienic safety. Windows are equipped with sealed glass units with small windows; passenger seats have head cushions, rests for arms and soft insertions. Interiors are equipped with air conditioning system, heating system and forced ventilation. Each car is equipped with bio toilet.

Vestibules and interior are equipped with luminescent lamps. For provision of information to passengers, cars are equipped with audible and visual (information display) notification system.

Rail bus driving compartments are equipped with safety systems in accordance with customer’s requirements. Also, rail bus is equipped autopilot system and touch screens. Control system uses user-friendly algorithm of driver’s actions during train operation. Rail bus cabs are equipped with refrigerator, heating system, climate control by the means of colled air from interior air conditioner.